Monday 19 October 2015

Peace Escape

"Sometimes, you just need a break. In a beautiful place. Alone. To figure everything out." - anonymous

It's very important for us to take a rest. I know we all have exams and stuffs to worry. Still, you need to take sometimes to do something you like. Perhaps just relax. It can improve your efficiency! That's why I took photos with my friends again. We went to a very awesome place in Sai Kung. It took us  a LONG LONG time to be there. We needed to take MTR, bus and even taxi HAHAAA. I won't say it is a waste of money because you can experience a lot from it. It's fall in Hong Kong now. TBH I'm not sure what kind of outfits should I wear. The weather is just TOO confusing. It's so hot today! It almost felt like summer. We took a lot of amazing photos there. The view was just too stunning. You can see it from the photos below. The first set of photos were actually very dangerous. It is because you may fall accidently on some of the cracks. Therefore, I did pay extra attention on it when I was shooting. Nonetheless, always remember to put your own safety first! Don't ever risk your life only because of a photo! Anyway I'm beyond excited today due to the geology. Since Geography was my favourite subjects in the secondary school, seeing many things that were related to it was so great! But the truth is, I nearly forget most of the technical terms of it. Perhaps I need to study Geography to get my memories back! 


Unknown said...

What i can say about like this pictures!! really so beautiful
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Carla said...

What wonderful photos, you have real talent!