Saturday 31 October 2015

Discover Hong Kong with Daniel - Cape D'Aguilar

After the mid-term test, I've more time to do things I like. Let's say goodbye to my hair color. Well, I'm not sure what exactly the color is HAHAHA (Blond? Blondish brown?). You probably saw my hair was so different now from Instagram. It's dark brown. I dyed it myself and the result was not bad! Back to the topic, I went to a very beautiful place last week as you can tell. Cape D'Aguilar is a very good place to hike. It's not difficult at all. It's quite gentle in gradient. After walking for around an hour, the secret garden is here! Many grasses and it kinda resemble the plant on Sunset Peak. I was quite shocked when I saw it. It was too beautiful! You need to walk for another half hours to another beautiful scenery, a place filled with rocks. I didn't take photos using camera when I was on the top of the rocks. I only took photos using mobile phone. Once again, it is too dangerous! The view is awesome and I strongly recommend it to you all, especially to people who like taking photos! It is quite easy to go there. Taking bus 9 at Shau Kei Wan for half hours and there it is! If you have any questions regrading Cape D'Aguilar, feel free to contact me by e-mail and I will answer them for sure! LOVE, Daniel. 


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I like so much the place where you took this pictures