Tuesday 13 October 2015

My Favourite TV series

I really miss blogging. Blogging random stuffs. Thanks god I finally have some time to post something here. Photos below were taken before attending the birthday dinner of my sisters. I'm so eager to a share some of my favourite TV series to you here because one of my hobbies is watching TV shows. The following are the TV series that I watched lately:  

Once Upon A Time - It's definitely my favourite of all time. Emma becomes the Dark One and the show become more intense. So here's my thought: I'm wondering if Emma is still good. She looks evil just to save everyone so she really becomes the "Dark One" but not resisting it? HAHA. I really have no ideas.

America's Next Top Model - I really love taking photos so ANTM is a good reality show  for me to learn how to take some awesome pictures. For me, Lacy and Nyle are the best model so far on cycle 22. But i'm not gonna lie to you, my favourite is Hadassah. Although she cannot deliver some good pictures, I really love her pretty face. Her personality is cool too. I hope she will not go home in the coming episodes!

Arrow - For  me, Arrow is better than The Flash. Perhaps it's because of the characters in the story. The characters in Arrow have a more interesting personality. Felicity is the best character ever! Her acting skills is too amazing! The story line between Felicity and Oliver is really surprising! 

The Flash - I can't say I don't love The Flash but if I compare it with Arrow, I love arrow more. I just wanna ask a question: Will Barry and Iris finally be in a relationship? I really hope so. Because I really ship them! 

Scream Queen - The Reason why I watch Scream Queen is definitely because of Emma Roberts. However, I'm just so disappointed that Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas only appeared in one/two episodes! I really expected them to be the regular of the show. 

American Horror Story - The moment I knew Gaga joined the casting of AHS --- I knew it's gonna be insane. After watching the first episodes, it prove me no wrong. The first episodes really scare the hell out of me! HAHAHA. It is so bloody and terrifying. 

The Originals - Even though I didn't watch The Vampire Diaries, it didn't affect me to watch The Originals. All the actors performed very well in the first two seasons. I really miss Rebekah. When I first saw the promotional posters for seasons three, there was no Rebekah. I felt upset immediately! Rebekah is one of my favourite of the show! Anyway I really wish the tension between The Originals can be relieved soon. It really sad to see them don't respect each other. 

Any thoughts? I love to see your comments. Comment down below to share your opinions! LOVE, Daniel.


Colleen said...

I <3 Scream Queens and AHS!


Daniel Poon said...

I love it too, Colleen! :)

Sabrina M said...

look so cool ! i love your shirt and shoes


Daniel Poon said...

Thank you sabrina! xx

Unknown said...

Love those shoes so much.
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