Tuesday 23 June 2015

Tokyo // Last Chapter

This is the last chapter of my trip to Tokyo. Basically the weather of day 5 was so bad! It was a rainy day. I was kinda mad at that day because the visibility was extremely low. Normally it's acceptable but we've planned to go to Tokyo Tower that day. I couldn't look at the whole city of Tokyo at Tokyo Tower which was so disappointing! There was only smog. You can see how serious was that on my photos below. When we planned to leave Tokyo Tower, the subway was so beautiful! It was vintage. I took a few pictures there and the day was nearly over.  For the last day, we only went to Meiji Jingu because our flight was actually in the afternoon. I wore jeans that day because it's too cold on the airplane especially the duration last for 4 hours. Can't wait for my next trip! xoxo PS: I just made a mini vlog about my trip! Go to my instagram @danielpoonvignez to check it out! 


abcd said...

I can't wait to visit this gem of a place! And love that your simple ensemble counterparts the overstated beauty of Tokyo. ♥


Outlanderly said...

Apart from the waether, it seems you had a nice time. :)

Jo x