Tuesday 2 June 2015

Tokyo // Chapter Two

I was extremely busy on Day 3 because we went to Disneyland. Let me share some opinion about the difference between the Disneyland in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Despite so many people queuing up for the games in Disneyland,  the Disneyland in Tokyo is much more comfortable. I think one of the reasons to explain this is the people in Tokyo show more courtesy. I love the Disneyland in Tokyo more than the one in Hong Kong because the Disneyland in Tokyo is much bigger. There are more games such as the game about Snow White, Peter Pen,etc. The game about Peter Pen is magical! It's like we were on a flying boat haha!! There were even Dragonboat practice there which was awesome! We played around nine games this time and left at six o'clock. 

Day 4, it's all about seafood. Waking up at 4:30 am was terrible when you actually sleep at 1:00 am. Eating sushi, going to Tokyo Tower, shopping are the best three words to conclude Day 4. Day 4 made me realized you could do many things as long as you woke up early haha. For those who are curious about the place where I ate seafood, just go to my instagram and find out where is it! It's so good! Only around HKD $300 each set. It's totally worth it haha. 

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SANDY said...

Oh my goodness! It seems like everybody is going to some Disney theme park this summer. So jelly!