Saturday 27 June 2015

Discover Hong Kong with Daniel - Sham Shui Po

I finally decided to make a series of #DiscoverHongKong to show you how beautiful Hong Kong is! I'm going to different places  Hong Kong in the future if I have time! This time, it was Sham Shui Po. Sham Shui Po is one of the old distrctit in Hong Kong. Therefore, many people in Hong Kong love to take photos there because it is so unique. I think one of the most unique things about Sham Shui Po is there is so many advertising signs. You can see it on the photos below.
Taking pictures on the street can be so much fun. We took photos on street like Apliu Street. One of the bad things about taking picture on the street is you need to pay more attention to the surrounding area! It is because there are many cars on the road! Just be careful and try your best to take the pictures faster! After taking pictures on the street, we decided to go to Mei Ho House. There is a restaurant on the ground floor. Since it is summer in Hong Kong, we wanted to drink so badly. It was such a nice place. The design of the restuarant was remarkable! Also, there is a hill behind Mei Ho House. Only take you around 10 minutes, you can see the whole view of Sham Shui Po! It is so beautiful! If you go to Sham Shui Po in the future, the hill behind Mei Ho House is a must to go!


Unknown said...

Oh my God, you make Hong Kong looks so great! Keep up taking more beautiful photos and share to the world :)

Unknown said...

Fantastic photos! The scenery is just stunning!

cax said...

Breathtaking! :)