Friday 3 July 2015

Night with me

This week is extremely tough to me beucase I have to deal with so many things. Still, I've made myself to Lai Yuen with my family. Hong Kong people would probably know what Lai Yuen is. For their history, click their website for more informations. You'll know why it is important to go to Lai Yuen before it ever is closed down again. I went to Lai Yuen for only one reason - to see what it look like. Sadly I didn't play any games there. Probably because most of the games were targeting for children, not to say it's too expensive! A playgrond slide can cost you for HKD$40! It is definitely expensive for students. Also, I've never thought there was ice-skating rink! HAHAHAHAHA. BTW you should know that Hong Kong is an oven now. Perhaps ice-skating can help you with that haha! If you ask me the opinions about Lai Yuen, i would say you can go! The Park Entrance fee is free. However, you need to pay extra money for each games. Just decide which games you want to play and then go for it! Now Let's me talk about my OOTD. My OOTD was definitely one of my favourite. Both T-shirt and Short are from ZARA. I bought this ripped short from ZARA last week because ZARA is sale now! Go and grab your favourite XOXO. I usually hang out with friends using a recycle bag. I think it is so convenient! Nonetheless, I think using a Backpack this time fit my outfit so well! The backpack is from Vans. You should have seen it before because I've used the same backpack when I went to Tokyo!