Saturday 9 May 2015

Life of the Party

It's me again! As mentioned before, i've finished my DSE (actually i still haven't finish English oral exam lol) and had plenty of time to hang out with my friends. In the past few days, I went to Central with my friends (mostly  to take photos). It was so good! There was not much people around (probably because it's not holiday). Central and Sheung Wan are good place in Hong Kong especially for shooting. After taking photos at Sheung Wan, my friend suggested us going to "Instagram Pier" at Sai Wan ("Instagram Pier" is very popular in Hong Kong recently). We didn't know exactly how to go there but so sure it's at Sai Wan, so we went there by MTR. We walked for around 30 minutes to there lol. It was so hot and my friend was so tired. TBH "Instagram Pier" is not as good as i thought because there is nothing special. But I can say it's a good place for shooting or recording videos. If you want to go to "Instagram Pier" in the future, i just wanna tell you not to expect too much from it haha. 

About this outfit, it was definitely one of my favourite. It is casual and suitable for summer. My recent favourite color is white. It's flash and clear. Hopefully I'm going to wear more white in the future. BTW I wanna share one of my recent favourite music album Handwritten by Shawn Mendes. I love all the songs from his album. It is quite emotional. Most of the songs are about romance haha and thus is suitable for teenagers lol. 

My look:
T-shirt // ZARA
Short // ZARA
Plimsolls// ASOS