Sunday 3 May 2015

Dragon's Back

I'm back! Finally finished the examination and I can say I was extremely nervous lately because of this exam. It was like I've worked hard for so many years only because of this exam.Luckily, the end of the exam mean it's time to start a long vacation and have fun!  I've dated so many friends this week (WE ATE ALL THE TIME lol). So here's some photos that I took by iPhone 5 at Dragon's Back when I was hiking with my family in the afternoon yesterday. Since it was my first time hiking, it was totally unforgettable! We hiked for almost 4 hours and enjoyed the beautiful scenery there . The weather was perfect. It was not shinny at all so it was suitable for hiking. The relief was acceptable even though I was a beginner of hiking. I highly recommended the beginner to try it. After that we ate some junk food at Big Wave Bay(it was our destination). The reason why we ate was probably we wanted to drink so badly lol. We were exhausted and dehydrated. BTW I forgot the name of the restaurant (not much restaurant there!) and it's quite costly. However, it still worth it. Can't wait another hike in the coming years!



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