Tuesday 26 February 2019

How To Wear Neon | 2 Easiest Outfits

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

For today's post, I am very excited to show you how I style one of the latest fashion trend, that you properly see in your Instagram feed all the time, and if you follow some fashion bloggers,  you would definitely know it. That is the colour neon! For quite a while, I am not so sure if neon would suit me. Because it is such a statement colour. After ordering a few neon pieces from ASOS, I am very impressed! Because neon is just another lovely pop of colour everyone could inject to their outfit. If you do not want to look a bit too over the top, I would highly suggest you to wear other items as simple as possible, and let the colour neon speaks! 

The first outfit is all about neon yellow. To incorporate this colour into simple outfit, one of the easiest option is to wear all black. As spring has just arrived, you need to own a bomber jacket. I have been wearing this ZARA bomber for almost three years straight now. It is in the best quality! As for the second outfit, I wore a lovely neon orange jumper. There are more colours for this outfit. I styled neon orange with brown, wine red and blue. Neon orange go so well with brown and wine red. Then I wore blue jeans to finish off the look. Do you guys love these outfits? Let me know on the comment section!

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Jennifer said...

I love the orange!!

Effortlessly Sophisticated

Eva said...

love the looks, especially the orange, suits you so well!


Benita James said...

The Orange looks good on you.

Bernie, xx
The Style Fanatic

ALLIE NYC said...

YES! Neon is so having a moment. I need to add some to my wardrobe. This sweater is so fun and it fits you perfectly. Great styling here

Allie of

Rach said...

That coat is amazing!!


Jadieegosh said...

your style is amazing! thanks for sharing


Chelshea Flo said...

I really adore how you style neon knit with denim, Daniel!
Keep up the creative idea! Eh, I adore your new tones anyway!



Kathrine Eldridge said...

Love both of these looks! I adore the sporty vibes of the first one.


Mariya Zafirova said...

wow, you can really pull off neon colours!

Mariya | www.brunetteondemand.com

Audrey said...

I've noticed quite a few celebrities taking a liking for lime green! I've personally never ventured into such bold colours, but I do love softer colours and wear a lot of mustard and forest green. At one point in my life I had tried transitioning to an all-black wardrobe to make my life easier, but as I was going through that process, I realised how much I loved colour and decided to embrace it. // Jeans are such a good base for any outfit, especially if your other pieces are bolder. I wear the same three jeans pretty much every day! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

PhotosbyCris Travel Fashion Lifestyle said...

You nailed both styles Amazing looks xoxo Cris

Elegant Duchess Fashion and Lifestyle said...

Neon can be super tricky to wear but you did a great job!

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Jalisa said...

You are rocking these neon shirts! I absolutely love the way you've styled them. Thank for the inspiration, Daniel, and I hope you have a great week ahead!



Margot said...

You rock this new trend !
I love how you stylisés theses 2 neon items.

kiko said...

Adoring you style yourself in neon in many ways possible but it doesn't too overpowering to each other. Keep up the good work, Daniel!


What Would V Wear said...

LOVE LOVE the neon, Daniel!
xoxo, Vanessa

mohsin said...

all collection are perfect.

Jane said...

Love this super cool look!
xo, Jane

La ilusión de Nina said...

Great style dear!! I love it!
Have a wonderful day! xx

La ilusión de Nina - http://lailusiondenina.blogspot.com/

Daria von DBK Stylez said...

Your outfits are simply the best!




Lizzy's Latest said...

You look FABULOUS in neon, Daniel! Love how you styled the neon yellow look with that bomber jacket. I also like your second outfit because it matches your hair. ;-) Happy weekend!


Andreea said...

Both shades of neon look great on you! xx