Saturday 21 January 2017

January Favourites 2017

Hello, everyone! Today, I'm sharing the things that I loved a lot recently. I have never done a monthly favourites on my blog before. Therefore, I decided to do one! Hope you guys love the sharing!

First of all, it is a new wireless pink VASA BLÅ earphone from Sudio Sweden. It is definitely one of the recent trend, which is people love to wear wireless earphone! The reason why I love using my wireless VASA BLÅ earphone is definitely because of the fact that it is so convenient! Since there is no cable, we can use our phone more easily! If you're wondering whether the wireless VASA BLÅ earphone will waste the battery a lot, I can assure you that it won't! This is because VASA BLÅ earphone uses bluetooth, which means it only uses a little energy! But of course, you need to charge the VASA BLÅ earphone before you use it. You can non-stop to use the VASA BLÅ for around 8 hours. Anyway, you guys can use the discount code "danielpoon" to get 15% off when you purchase any earphones on the official website ( of Sudio Sweden

Another favourite is definitely the cute socks from Happy Socks! I always wanna get my own Happy Socks for a very long time because of the lovely designs of it! The reason why I really love those socks is because of how unique those socks look! Owing to its high quality, it's so comfortable to wear! On the other hand, About the watch, I love the minimalist watches from Lecharl, Marc Bale. They're the best minimal colour combo of white, black and grey. These watches go with almost every outfits that I wore. Lastly, The sunglasses from Coblens, WearMe Pro are the best as well! If I go to somewhere outdoor, they're simply life-saver! 

Do you guys love this kind of monthly favourites sharing? Let me know about your thoughts on the comment section! If you guys love it, i will definitely do more in the future x

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Unknown said...

These socks are so cute! Love them!

Unknown said...

Wireless earphones sounds perfect! Not to mention the fact that it comes in white and pink makes me want to go loco :) Hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Airish
Gorgeous Glance

Emma Renata said...

Love this post! Also love the photography <3

Vanessa Ciliberto said...

totally love the earphones!


Meet My Lovely World said...

Totally in love with earphones! Perfect pics! Love them ♥
Meet My Lovely World

Gingi said...

Those socks look crazy comfy!! I want!!! <3 -

Jen said...

Aww love your photos! And those socks are amazing ♥

Unknown said...

Love those socks! I have an obsession with fun printed socks!

Enclothed Cognition

Gabrielle said...

These wireless headphones would be totally idea for when working out, they don't get in the way!

Margot said...

Such lovely socks !
I love printed socks.

Gemma said...

Great pics! I do love Happy socks so much.

Gemma x

U Better Work! said...

Keep the monthly faves coming :-)