Thursday 7 July 2016

Discover Hong Kong With Daniel - Hong Kong Travel Guide #1

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Top - JJ Market from Bangkok
Shorts - ZARA
Backpack - Coach
Shoes - Converse

If you're living in Hong Kong, or will travel to Hong Kong in the future, this post will be very useful for you. Because I'm going to suggest you places on where/what to go/do in Hong Kong! I recently came across a company called Eventbrite. They are a company where you can not only buy tickets to events but you can sell tickets online for events of your own! They are currently running this cool project that is about Going Out More Often(GOMO) in order to stay away from Netflix and Chill. So I decided to make a post about it. Here's are some suggestions that you can go/do in Hong Kong during this summer holidays if you have no ideas where to go! As a person that was born and raised in Hong Kong, these are where/what I normally go/do with my friends during the weekend! I didn't suggest some famous spots because I don't think some of it are worth it. If you have any questions about Hong Kong you want to ask, feel free to send me a email and I'll response it!

The Peak
You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong at The Peak! Hong Kong is well-known for one of the most amazing landscape in the world! You can go there in the afternoon by taking peak tram (definitely another great experience!) and then visit Madame Tussauds. Also, you can hike, even picnic there at Victoria Peak Garden! You surely won't regret after visiting it! For more information about the peak, you can click here.

Theme Park (e.g. Disneyland, Ocean Park)
Disneyland and Ocean Park are the two theme parks in Hong Kong. Both of them are very unique! Disneyland is a beautiful place.  You can take a lot of beautiful pictures there. Moreover, it's more suitable for children. Nonetheless, there are some games like Space Mountain, RC racer that are so exciting! On the other hand, most of the games inside Ocean Park are even more exciting! Roller coasters are definitely a must-place game! You can even get a choice to see Panda in Giant Panda Adventure on Ocean Park!

Cheung Chau
You shouldn't miss Cheung Chau! I always love to recommend people to stay at Cheung Chau for a whole day. Because you can do a lot of activities there! Firstly, it's definitely a place for foodie! There are giant fishball, mango mochi, seafood and much more! Furthermore, since there's a beach, you can swim and enjoy the sun! Lastly, the best thing is that you can play bicycle while exploring Cheung Chau! You'll definitely not going to get lost for sure. 

There are lots of museum in Hong Kong. Science Museum and History Museum are definitely a must-go place! There're located near each other in TST. Therefore, you can go there on the same day! You can play a lot of science related games inside Science Museum while learning at the same time. For History museum, you can learn a lot of history about Hong Kong. This place is "instagramable" too! For this set of photos, I actually took it inside the History Museum. So if you're looking for shooting location with vintage style, don't ever miss History Museum (poor lighting tho).

Large Shopping Malls (e.g. Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Central)
If you don't know where to shop, just go to CWB/MK/TST! There are many shopping malls there. For Causeway Bay, Hysan Place/Time Square/ Sogo are definitely worth going! In Mong Kok, there is another famous shopping centre called Langham Place. Also, lady street is located at Mong Kok, famous for buying cheap stuffs. Lastly, Harbour City inside TST has a lot of luxury brands for you to shop!

Different Types Of Cuisines
You can eat a lot of different types of food from all over the world in Hong Kong! For the local food, Dai Pai Dong is definitely a great choice. I personally really like a Dai Pai Dong called Tung Po located at North Point. Also, you have to eat Tam Jai if you're a big fan of noodles!  It's so affordable and tasty at the same time.  Ichiran is nice too! It's Janpanese noodles but you definitely need to try if you haven't been to Japan! On the other hand, simply life is a good choice if you're looking for western food. If you're looking for more informations about different restaurant , you can search it on Open Rice.

Hiking Spots (e.g. Dragon's Back, Cape D'Aguilar, Sunset Peak)
Looking for hiking spots? I choose three hiking spots that I really like. You can enjoy the spectacular view while you're hiking in Dragon's Back. I think the level of difficulty is definitely acceptable. Moreover, Cape D'Aguilar is so easy to hike! There are a lot of awesome place for shooting in Cape D'Aguilar. For Sunset Peak, I actually have never tried this before. However, Sunset Peak is famous for the beautiful silvergrass. I think it's definitely worth a try!

Beautiful Shooting Locations (e.g. Central, Sheung Wan)
Central and Sheung Wan are places that I love to shoot when I'm running out of ideas. These places are simply so beautiful! You can take a lots of street style photos there. I especially love taking pictures in Sheung Wan because there is much less people. You can also go to "Instagram Pier" or "Sai Wan Swimming Shed". These are one of the hot location in Hong Kong for shooting. It's just a few stations next to Sheung Wan!

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Miguel Gouveia said...

Lovely shirt an amazing photos :D
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Maray said...

Beautiful look!! ;)

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What an awesome Zebra Top! So cute! =)

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Unknown said...

I definitely want to go to HK one day. I heard it was amazing!! And love your zebra shirt. So cute haha

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Unknown said...

Cute Zebra Shirt! Great photos too...

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I was just planning a trip to Hong Kong for the next year and after I saw your post I know I must go!!

Have a gorgeous day, xx

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Unknown said...

amazing experience, these photos make me miss HK! awesome post!

xx Melis

Amy said...

I've never been to Hong Kong, but its definitely on my Bucket List! Hope you're having a wonderful time.


Unknown said...

I love your top! Very nice!


Alona said...

I adore these photos! I'd love to visit Hong Kong some day :) x Alona

Unknown said...

Your post just came in time! I am in the middle of planning our Hong Kong trip, such a big help :)

Carol and Vero said...

Nice post! By photos it looks like a great city. :)

cocojeans said...

The look is so stylish and also comfy! The shorts are so cool!

Yuka said...

The cuisine sounds amazing! I've gotta visit Hong Kong one day!

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Love what you mentioned! I've been meaning to visit Hong Kong:)


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Love that zebra and those shoes!

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Chelshea Flo said...

Wow, I think you should be my tour guide when I go there someday Daniel, will you ? *just kidding* The Peak is so famous, and Disneyland is probably one of Hongkong's iconic place! Oh, anyway I love your printed zebra shirt, I think short with sneakers is your identity :)

Have a great day,


Kiko K said...

It's more than just i've expected that you'll suggest; TST is near from airport anyway? cuz i found lots cheap hotels there. Thanks for sharing this, it helps a lot of guiding me in HK soon. Love this look; i'll always recognize your style :)


Carol and Vero said...

Great photos!! I am your new follower!! :)

Unknown said...

Can't wait to visit HK again soon!

Love the print of on your shirt!

Emma Walker said...

So cool! I love this guide it is making want to visit sooo bad

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Unknown said...

I love visiting hong kong! Will visit some of the places you recommended next time too :)

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Cute top <3

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