Wednesday 9 March 2016

Some tips for wearing denim jeans

When you have no idea what to wear, just wear denim! I'm a huge fan of wearing denim clothes. I always wear denim jeans when I go to school or simply hang out with friends. It is so comfy. I think denim is a trend that will never get old. Denim jeans simply go with everything! I want to share how I wear denim jeans to you. Here are some tips for wearing denim jeans.

1. Wear denim jeans with basic tops
We all have white/black t-shirt or shirt, aren't we? 

2. Wear denim on denim
It looks chic! However, make sure your denim shirt or jacket is not the same colour as the denim jeans. Otherwise, the outfit cannot stand out and it is going to look boring.

3. Casual date -> wear sneakers
If you are going to hang out with friends, wear denim jeans with sneakers! I will definitely wear  white/black/red sneaker. However, it still depends on your top. 

I would NOT recommend people wear sandals with denim jeans. It is not quite suitable in some way (unless it is denim shorts).

5. Semi-formal events -> wear loafers or boat shoes
5. If you are going to a event, where you have to wear in a smart casual way, you can wear denim jeans. Pair it with loafers or boat shoes are one of the best way to make you look nice!

6. Looking cool with boots 
If you want to look cool, you can also wear denim jeans with boots. For me, I love to wear Dr. Martens Original 8-Eye Boots. You can see how I wore it in some of the previous posts. 

So I wore denim on denim this time with loafers. Do you guys like it? Also, please tell me how you wear denim jeans! I would love to know. x

I was wearing

Caps - I.T
Denim shirt - ZARA
Denim jeans - Levi's
Loafers - Dr. Martens


Kelsey Bang said...

awesome tips! I like your cool denim style!

Shaunacey Bonneville said...

love the denim on denim!

Simply Shaunacey

Anonymous said...

i love denim on denim nice outfit

Rach said...

These are great tips about denim! And you totally rocked this denim on denim look!

Whitney and Blaire said...

Great tips!
xo, Whitney and Blaire
Peaches In A Pod

Unknown said...

Nice denim look. Great tips

Adela Acanski

Unknown said...

Love wearing jeans with basic tops, my go to look. Great tips x

Beauty with charm

cielofronteras said...

Awesome tips! I love your denim outfit =)

- Cielo
Mermaid in Heels

Ileana said...

These are such great tips!!!


Adriana R. said...

Awesome tips! Love your style :)
The Fancy Cats

Unknown said...

I love your denim on denim! The shades are just right to compliment each other.

Unknown said...

Love the denim on denim! And those loafers! Great tips!

Unknown said...

The denim on denim is TOTALLY adorable! I love your style x


Jeanne said...

Love this double denim look Daniel!

Unknown said...

The totale denim on denim look is just amazing.
Great style dear.


Unknown said...

I have to admit that I wear quite often denim on denim.
Totally agree with the things you wrote.
Best regards from Italy,

La ilusiĆ³n de Nina said...

I love your pictures!:)

Sheela Goh said...

Hi fellow South East Asian :) denim on denim is a trend I've been dying to experiment with but, for some reason or other, never yet actually gotten around to doing. I think your pairing of different shades of denim works so well, Daniel!!

Gemma said...

Love your denim look and great tips! Have a great day! Gemma x

Alice said...

I LOVE this denim on denim look! Such a fan of denim button downs as well. Can't agree more on the no sandals point!

xo, alice / T Y P E N U

Jalisa said...

Loving this denim-on-denim look, Daniel! The rinse of that chambray shirt is perfect and I love the tips you've shared! I hope you're having a great week so far :)



Yasmin said...

Love denim on denim! It's one of my favorite go-to styles.

xx Yasmin

Ivana Split said...

great tips for wearing denim!
you look fantastic!!!!!!

Unknown said...

cool look.
XOXO Rachel

Unknown said...

cool look.
XOXO Rachel

Chezka Cenon Li said...

Sometimes I wish I could pull off the awkward length straight jeans, but look so cool! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, always love meeting bloggers from across the pond ;)

- Che

Carol and Vero said...

Thank you for your comment, Daniel! :) You've got really nice outfits and a great sense of style. :)

Annessa said...

Great tips

Annessa /

Yuka said...

loving this double denim look!

Marian said...

Great tips! ♥

anoddgirl said...

great tips and great outfit!

Jessi Malay said...

Obsessed with the all denim!

XO, Jessi

Unknown said...

Amazing tips!!!

Jac Fleurant

Anonymous said...

Great tips and this denim on denim look definitely suits you!


Unknown said...

Very Interesting post :)
Thanks for sharing.


mahryska said...

great post on denim!!
kisses from dubai ❤️

Sandicious said...

i love denim! your shirt is perfect:)

Kangkan Rabha said...

So great tips, thanks for sharing. :)

Unknown said...

Denim is such a huge trend right now, I'm def eyeing a couple of denim skirts at the moment. Love your shirt, you wear it very well!


Unknown said...

Denim certainly will never go out of style!

Via Sora

Fionna said...

i actually used to hate wearing denim on denim but i've grown to love it x and it's just a classic piece everyone has in their wardrobe so denim all the way!!

Tina said...

Great tips and nice look! I'm actually wearing denim and a tee today!


Unknown said...

Love the denim on denim look! You rocked it!

Marie Roget said...

Super cool ;)

Love, Marie Roget

Annie Dago said...

Love this denim look x

Head Enough

Savoir Sound said...

Lovely post, dear! .x

Filipa said...

I love denim shorts and oversized jackets! Thanks for your kind comment :D

Amy Stardust said...

Loving the double denim! Great tips X

Unknown said...

Nice jeans,

I think you can look Dolce and gabbana jeans.

very nice denim and jeans.