Wednesday 9 December 2015

Winter Vibes

It's december. YES IT IS DECEMBER. Finally cold weather arrived. I've just finished exams within two days. It was successive and I was tired af. I'm so happy it was over! 

I bought a new pair of shoes from Dr martens in Sogo last month. It was a mega sale in Sogo due to thanks giving. Those loafers are too heavy! I don't know why every shoes from Dr martens are so heavy. It is like carrying a rock on your feet. However, if you wear them more times, you will start to feel better, I'm not sure about the reasons behind too lol (perhaps you get used to it?). Also, I bought a jeans from Levi's in Sogo too. I love it so much! I wore that blue jeans so often. I was wearing that blue jeans last time I went to Disney (you can see that jeans from the photo on my instagram).

I was wearing whole black outfits today. I've attended a interview related to job. Yes, I started to work on some part time last month for a few days. I'm definitely going to do part times if I have time in the coming days. There's a reason behind that but I'm not gonna tell you guys right now. Hopefully you'll all know later next year. I'm so excited about it! See you all soon! LOVE, Daniel.

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Alona said...

I'm in love with your style! Followed :) x Alona