Tuesday 29 December 2015

Getting ready for new year

New year will be here soon. I guess the next blog post will definitely be going to talk about something related to new year. I'm so excited about it! New year to me is like giving me new opportunities --- a fresh start. I will probably count down with my friends this year, not quite sure where though. I think I will watch a movie at midnight after the count down. You guys maybe curious why am I going to watch a movie at that midnight. Well, it's like a tradition to me. Since my friends and I still want to play after counting down, we didn't know want to do. Therefore, we decided to watch a movie at cinema. I would definitely felt extremely sleepy after that. Haha such a great experience though. 

Starbucks had a "Buy one get one" discount today. Tbh I'm not a big fan of coffee. Nonetheless, my sisters are such a HUGE fans of coffee. Actually not only my sisters are fans, but also my parents are fans. So I helped my parents and sisters to get coffee. Since it started at 4pm, I went there sooner. I'm glad I did it! There were so many people queueing for coffee! I'm totally shocked. Although it was cheaper, it was not that hot. It was the only things that I dissatisfied. On the whole, the quality was quite good.

I was wearing

Leather Jacket - Forever 21 MEN
T-shirt - Uniqlo
Jean - Levi's
Loafer - Dr. Martens


Unknown said...

Stylish! Great pictures and happy new year!
Sending love from www.shebebutfierce.com xox

Petra M. Greening said...

Love your loafers!!! Super stylish!

Hafizah R. said...

Love the look!