Sunday 27 December 2015

Discover Hong Kong with Daniel - Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Sai wan is a very awesome place. It has many amazing spots, especially places for shooting. I'm going to introduce a beautiful place in Sai Wan, it's called swimming shed. I'm quite sure Hong Kong people must have heard of that before. If not, they must have seen this place from the pictures of their friends -- because this place is quite famous recently and many people took pictures there.  

At first, my friend and I thought that this place was not that far. It actually took us for 20 minutes to be there. We went there by walking from EXIT B of Kennedy Town. Afterwards, we walked to the swimming shed from the waterfront. I think you can go there by bus too because I saw a few bus stops there. But I'm not quite sure which bus can get you there. When you've past through a few high-class residential buildings, you need to get off the bus immediately. And then we needed to get to this place from walking down from the hill. You will see a way to get down there when you walk there. This place was way smaller than I expected. Let me give you some tips for shooting there. Basically simply taking pictures from the top, you can take many beautiful pictures. Just liked the first few pictures. Believe me, this place is still so beautiful. However, not gonna lie, I thought this place would be so windy. It's not the case at all. It's not well-ventilated. Perhaps it was only because that day was quite hot. I'm not really sure. So make sure don't wear too much if you will go there! I was wearing FOREVER21 MEN trench coat, AMERICAN APPAREL t-shirt, LEVI'S jean, ADIDAS ORIGINALS sneakers. Hopefully will see you all next time soon xx 

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