Thursday 27 August 2015

Begin Again

Time has gone and it's almost school day. In another words, it means it's time to get back to work. In the past few months, I've learnt more about myself - my own self. Getting through tough times, finding your own life goals and all that, helping me to understand life. I was extremely exhausted lately because I've joined numerous ocamps. I thought it's not a big deal because I always sleep so late every single night. But then, it's just not the case! I felt so sleepy and tired! So let me give you some advices, make sure you know your own limits and don't push yourself too hard! About my recent hair updates, my hair is fading so fast! I'm thinking about my next hair. Probably going to be ordinrary because I don't wanna hurt my hair too much. It will hopefully be my last time to dye my hair this year. Let see how it goes! About the outfits, this is a very basic back to school outfits ideas. Black t-shirt from Uniqlo, white short from ZARA, sneaker and backpack from Adidas Original, cap from H&M. I love wearing cap recently because I don't need to do anything on my hair! As you can tell, some of my friends told me that I looked better without allback! What do you think? Since school day will soon be arrived, I'm not sure if I have time to update this blog. I'll post more if I have time! See you soon! xxx Daniel


Sanya said...

Great styling! Keep it up

BamBam Blog


Amely Rose said...

amazing style
just found your loos onlookbook andfell inlove with them

with love your AMELY ROSE