Monday 2 February 2015


HELLO JANUARY! (Hahaa i know it's a bit too late). Anyway this month mean a lot to me because it's was my birthday month! Not only was I became an adult, but also entering another stage of life. I'll make something big this year so just stay tuned! I DON'T KNOW IF IT WILL SURPRISE YOU but i think it probably won't. (Some of my best friends will know what i mean lol) Back to the photos, those photo filled with greenery area were taken at Tamar Park. I'm obsessed with this beautiful place! Since there is not much people in Tamar Park (even if it's holiday), it is a good place for picnic! I've shot some photos there after applying for an identity card. Speaking of this, actually in that morning that day, i needed to go to school. My friends had prepared something for me! I was surprised by the cookie monster's birthday cake and the handmade book. I literally cried when i was reading the books. It was really touching!  I also received some birthday gifts my friends.I'm grateful to have my lovely friends in my life. 

And then here comes to monday (if i remember it correctly). We didn't have any lessons on Tuesday because it's "The Staff Development Day" LMAO. Me and my friends wanted to eat "School Food" for dinner because I'm addicted to those kind of food. Unfortunately, TOO MANY PEOPLE THERE! We thought it wouldn't be too many people there due to weekday. It's clearly that we were wrong LOL. Anyway it's not the mind point. After having dinner at SML, we went to "The Hong Kong Observation Wheel" at Central. The beautiful scenery and landscapes in Hong Kong are just amazing! However, I don't think it was worth it because it's too expensive. It costs $80/per person lol.

My look: 
Coat // H&M
Shirt // I.T
Jeans // Quicksilver
Boots // Dr. Martens


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