Monday 12 November 2018

Review: Sudio Headphones Tio

Happy Monday, everyone!

For today's post, I am very happy to collaborate with Sudio to share these amazing headphones with you guys! I am always very much impressed by their headphones because the quality are genuinely nice. So I tried the headphones Tio for a few days after receiving it. My conclusion is that it is definitely worth the money! Looks-wise, the headphones use casual fabric wires which is much more carefree in my opinion. Quality-wise, it is still in high quality when comparing with other models in Sudio. Tio also comes in different colour, including black, white, green and pink. More importantly, I have a great deal for you guys. You can use the discount code "Danielgift" to get15% off when purchasing headphones on the website! 

Description of headphones from the website: Our hybrid model, Tio, is so lightweight you might forget that you’re wearing it. Luckily, they come with 4 sizes of removable wing tips and a secure clip so they always stay in place. Tio’s combination of balanced sound with a touch of bass emphasis, a durable yet colorful textile cord available in 4 chic colors, and up to 9 hours of battery life make them the perfect addition to any lifestyle. They also feature our smallest housings ever to help anyone wear them comfortably.

Headphones - c/o Sudio Tio Black (Discount code "Danielgift" for 15% off)

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Jennifer said...

Those headphones sound so nice!!


Jennifer Pickering

Effortlessly Sophisticated

Jessica Broyles said...

Oh this looks pretty awesome!

Have a wonderful Monday!

mybeautrip said...

These headphones look stunning and so cool!

Andreea said...

Love the design on those earphones! Have a lovely day. xx


Kinga K. said...

Nice review :)