Sunday 27 August 2017

Blue Jeans

Happy Sunday, everyone! It is almost the end of August. That means it is time to go to school!! To be honest, I am still not ready for school because I am still in holiday mood! I have to adjust my sleeping time to become earlier in order to wake up in the morning. Also, I wish I could get a part-time job in this coming semester so as to earn money! I hope everything will be under my control in the coming few months! 

Not gonna lie, the weather is way too hot to wear jeans in Hong Kong now. However, I really love this blue jeans! Jeans can go with almost everything outfits as long as you keep the outfit simple. For instance, you can wear simple top with jeans in order to keep the look minimal. It also goes so well with loafers as well! Do you guys love this look? Let me know on the comment section! 

I was wearing

Top - c/o Gamiss
Jeans - c/o Sammydress
Loafers - c/o Sammydress

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Miguel Gouveia said...

super cool combo :D Loved it :D

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Kris said...

This is such a casual, yet stylish outfit! I love it!

Have an amazing day!
xx Kris

Clavonna said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Kathrine Eldridge said...

Love the distressed hem on these jeans! Those loafers are perfect with them.

Elle J. Nior said...

I like your style! And have a great semester in school!

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Unknown said...

Love those jeans, Daniel!!

Enclothed Cognition

Jane said...

Those jeans are so cool! Love this look!
xo, Jane

Quinn said...

Those jeans are absolute fire, Daniel!


Andreea said...

Hehe, you will adapt your schedule in no time :). And yeah, the outfit looks cool, love the deep blue color of the jeans and how you kept things minimal. Wishing you a great week ahead! x


What Would V Wear said...

Loving the blue jeans, Daniel!

Happy Monday, babe!
xoxo, Vanessa

Len Parent said...

WOW you look amazing, Daniel! Love your look today. SO COOL! Loving that blue jeans on you!Thanks for the inspiration!
Have a wonderful week!
Much love, Len

Unknown said...

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