Friday, 17 March 2017

Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary! Still cannot believe it had been a year since The Daniel Originals was officially established. Happy Birthday! There are a lot of things I want to say in this post. First of all, I need to give to a massive thank you to you all! Without your support, I would never had the energy to keep on posting on social media and made this far. I still remember the time when I was so frustrating because at first when I start blogging and Instagramming, not much people read it. I guess a lot of new influencers have struggled a lot about this as well. When you work so hard on something, nobody read it. How sad is that?! Luckily, my audience started to grow last year in May. Anyway, even if my number of followers do not increase, I know blogging is something that I really love. I don't really care if I can only reach a few number of audience. As long as there are people read it, I will still keep on doing it. Well, I''m glad that I didn't stop and keep on doing what I like for the whole year! Hopefully I will still be energetic on the whole blog and Instagram thing for the rest of the year!

The main reasons why I started blogging are because I wanna share my fashion advices and more importantly, to inspire people to follow their dreams. For most of my blog posts, I share a lot of outfits ideas on how to wear something, what to wear on some occasions, etc. As a person who are very insecure, low self-esteem and shy, I'm glad that blogging helped me to push me out of comfort zone. Also, I'm extremely happy to receive a lot of DMs on Instagram about how I inspired some of you guys in a lot ways even though all I did was posting outfits ideas haha. Not gonna lie, I really appreciate all of your comments/DMs to me. You guys are the reason why I still energetic about blogging despite some negative comments. I promise myself I will keep on replying all of your DMs as much as possible if you guys really have problem about anything. I will try to help if I have the ability. 

One of the best thing about blogging is I get to meet a lot of amazing people! That is the one thing that I've never expected. Last year, I met the lovely Louise from the Faceless Style coincidently! How we met actually deserve a story-time telling haha! After a few months, I did a collaborate with Olivia from That Ewe Girl. We met for a few times and it was priceless! At the end of the year, I also met Carissa. I got to be a tour guy to show her some part of Hong Kong haha. I still have a lot of friends I met from blogging, instagram and lookbook still haven't met in person! When I travel to different countries, I know I can find some friends and ask them to show me around their city! How lovely is that?! Anyway, if you're an influencer and travel to Hong Kong, feel free to drop me an email! 

A lot had happened during the whole year of blogging. I still cannot believe I can work with a lot of amazing brands! This is another thing that I have never expected I could achieve. But believe the impossible, right?! I'm beyond amazed by how many brands  actually love my blog and wanna work with me! Once again, thank you so much for making all these possible!

Some of you guys maybe wondering why I have a lot of time in shooting/blogging. I need to tell you guys this. I actually don't have a lot of free time! I need to go to school everyday expect Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Also, I have a part-time job! I promised myself that I need to revise more on this semester and exercise more in order to keep fit! Therefore, time management is the reason why I have time and I think I did managed it haha. 

Last but not least, once again, I LOVE YOU GUYS! I'm SOOOOO happy that you guys show me that my hard pays-off. Also, I need to give huge shoutouts to all my friends and family. You guys didm't laugh at me on doing these things but gave me a lot of supportive and constructive comments. Anyway, I'll keep on update my blog. This is the one thing that I promise you guys. But what kind of content do you want me to share with you? You can comment down below or send me DMs/email. 


Louise Chen said...

Oh this is beautiful!! I'm so glad I met you and your friends in Hong Kong, it made the trip a lot more memorable! Hopefully next time if I go again with friends we can spend more time together and you can show us more of Hong Kong! Haha and yes, how we met up is very deserving of a story ❤️ Such good memories �� Blogging actually is so good! Get to meet people all over the world who can show you around when you visit their home country. Happy birthday to The Daniel Originals!! ����Here is to more memories and milestones for blogging to come!

Jalisa Giron said...

Happy Blogiversary, Daniel! It's been such a pleasure reading your blog and following along your journey; I'm so glad we've connected! It's no surprise that you're an inspiration to so many because you radiate positivity and come off as a genuine and welcoming person :) I look forward to seeing the rest of your journey unfold with much more success, growth, and opportunities and hopefully, someday, I can meet you and you can show me around Hong Kong! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have the best weekend ahead!



Ways of Style said...

Love your blog and your style!
Happy Blogiversary!

Jenny K said...

Happy Blogiversary, Daniel! You've done an amazing job with your blog! So glad we connected. Keep up the amazing work.

From Aliona With Love said...

Loved reading this. Please check out my personal post on things to make life happy!

Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love
Instagram @alionawithlove
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Gabrielle said...

Aww Happy Blogiversary! It's been great seeing your blog evolve - looking forward to reading your future posts!

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

Len Parent said...

You look absolutely ADORABLE! Happy Blogiversary, Daniel! Your blog is amazing!
Happy weekend gorgeous!
Much love,Len

Atsuna Matsui said...
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Atsuna Matsui said...


T. Mam said...

Happy blogiversary Daniel! I am so happy to have actually met you and call you a digital friend. Whenever I am in your blog I am filled with positive energy.
Thanks so much for the inspiration and I am happy to follow your dreams, for many years to come.
Love from

Margot said...

All of theses outfits are amazing !
Love your photos and your style!

Beautyhair Lou said...

love your blog and you are very handsome.

Kiko K said...

I feel you dude! But you grow bigger as fast~ You really did a great job! Keep up the good work! See you in person, as soon!
Once again, happy blogversarry!

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