Wednesday 16 November 2016

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Have you ever worn wigs before? I think most of the people would say no! However, wigs are very important especially for ladies. If you wanna change your hairstyle/hair colour, you can wear a wig first to see if that thing suit you. In this article, I'm going to share some of the favourite wigs that I found on Wholesale store online omgnb. About, it is a online store providing beauty products, cheap bags for women, women's shoes, etc. You guys should definitely check it out if you're interested!

Before introducing different types of wigs that I found on Wholesale store online omgnb, let me tell you the reason why Wholesale store online omgnb is worth checking out! 

- It is well-organised! 
It's very important for website to be well-organised. Otherwise, users like us can't be able to check out what they want immediately from the website. For example, for the categories related to shoes, they have categorised as casual shoes, sandals, boots, pumps, flats, slippers, mules & clogs and sneaker. Therefore, if you're looking for flat shoes, fashion boots, you can find that on the website much more convenient! 

- You can find what you are looking for so easily! 
Sorting out things are vital. Since this article is about Wigs, I'll take wigs as a example. You can choose wigs by texture. For example, there are Afro Curl, Body Wave, Curly, Loose Wavy,  Natural Wavy, Straight , Wav in the categories. As a result, you can choose what you want and sort out things much easily! 

Full Lace Wigs
My favourite Human Hair Lace Wigs is definitely "8"-24" Kinky Curly Human Hair Full Lace Wigs For Black". It is 100% human hair! You can look so nature while rocking the hair! You can choose different hair colours as well. These colours are #1,#1B,#2,#4. 

Lace Front Wigs
For Front Lace Wig, "Long Nature Wavy Dark Roots Pink Synthetic Lace Front Wig" is my favourite! The best part about this wig is that the hairline is freestyle! You can part anywhere on head! But more importantly, I love the pink hair colour! It can look so beautiful especially for girl with pale skin.  

Cosplay Wigs
Although I'm not a play fan of cosplay, I would say this Cosplay Wig "36 Inch Long Snow White Cosplay Wig" looks so good! The light grey colour is definitely a hair colour that rocking the recent hair colour trends!

Synthetic Wigs
"Handmade Straight Ombre Brown To Blonde Synthetic Lace Front Wig For White Women" is the best Synthetic Wig for me. If you're asian and wanna try what it is like to have blonde hair, you can try this blondish brown hair colour wig! 

Ombre Wigs
If you're looking for hair colours with multiple colours, this Ombre Wig "Body Wave Three Tones Black Purple Pink Ombre Lace Front Wig" is a perfect choice for you! Black, purple and pink are just so perfect to each other. 

What do you think of the picks that I chose from Wholesale store online omgnb? Let me know your thoughts on comments section! 


Sparkles of Light said...

I love playing dress up with wigs, my insta is full of them haha.

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Rosanna said...

Wow, they all look amazing!
Have a lovely day :)
Rosanna x
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Raquel said...

They look so cool!

Gemma said...

These look fun for a change in style, thanks for sharing. Gemma x

awhite said...

Wouldn't these be fun for a cool + brand new look?!

Le Stylo Rouge

Tijana said...

amazing post :)
Have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I love that ombre grey one!

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Sarah said...

These look like the perfect thing to change up a look :)

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