Tuesday 25 October 2016

Wireless Earphone VASA BLÅ from SudioSweden.com

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Recently, my earphone was broken (the pink one if you still remember! I showed it on Instagram story before. How unfortunate!). Therefore, I'm looking for a pair of new earphone. Luckily, I came across Sudio. I immediately thought that the wireless earphone VASA BLÅ was definitely a nice choice for me to use. I've never used a wireless earphone before and I rarely see people using it(definitely need a try!). If you're wondering how a wireless earphone works, it's actually very simple. Bluetooth is the key! Basically most of the phone and computer can use it now (I'm using iPhone 5!). 

I really love the wireless earphone VASA BLÅ. They're simply perfect! Not only because of its lovely appearance, but also because it's so convenient to use! Since the wireless earphone is cord-free, it definitely increase the level of convenience! Also, another reason why I like using VASA BLÅ is because of its high sound quality! It's not that expensive as well, only costs US $110 (You guys can use the discount code "TheDanielOriginals" to get 15% off discount on Sudio, which means it only costs US$93.5!).

I was wearing

Wireless earphones - *VASA BLÅ - ROSE GOLD WHITE* (Use the discount code "TheDanielOriginals" to get 15% off discount on Sudio)
Tops - American Apparel
Shorts - GU
Shoes - Adidas Originals

*These were free items sent to me only. I wasn't paid to show them

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cocojeans said...

Great choice Daniel! xx
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Unknown said...

Looks great.

Čítanie je sexy

Zoya said...

Nice look ;)

Unknown said...

Cool! I really want to try a wireless headset because I heard that it's super comfy not to have to worry about the wires anymore! This looks like a super cool pair, thanks for sharing!

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Unknown said...

Great post!

The Cassie Paige
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Unknown said...

Such a cool photos ;)

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics and love your review!
Hope you're doing great!

Stephanie said...

Pretty cool earphones! Cool style too :)



Unknown said...

Soo adorable!! I cannot live without my headphones haha

Enclothed Cognition

Sharon Wu of Style Lullaby said...

Looks amazing! xo, sharon


Kathrine Eldridge said...

I have seen these headphones everywhere lately. They look great. Thanks so much for sharing!


Unknown said...

These headphones seem like the greatest !
My friend just did a review on the rose-gold version, and she loves them :)


Amely Rose said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my latest post
it means so much to be and Iwanted to say THANK YOU in a more personal way.
you are amazing.

btw.you can follow my cute cat on Instagram

with love your AMELY ROSE

Laura Elizabeth Smith said...

Wow! These look so cool.


What Would V Wear said...

Great earphones and I love your look too, Daniel!
xoxo, Vanessa

Naomella said...

I haven't seen these wireless earphones before, so thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend Daniel!


Vanessa Ciliberto said...

I love my sudio sweden earphones!


Kiko K said...

Great earphone! love your look totally; eps those shoes omg xo


Unknown said...

I love your wireless headphones Daniel!

Unknown said...

I've heard these are comfy - thanks for sharing!

Love, Lindsey

Miki à la Mode said...

Wireless headphones sound fantastic! Especially since I hate when the wires swing when I jog or go out. They always feel like they're in the way. These sound great. Nice kicks. Thanks for sharing!


tim mark said...

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Anonymous said...

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