Sunday, 26 June 2016

What To Wear To The Airport

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We all love travelling! Travelling is a good way for relaxing by putting aside your works. It is also a good way to explore more or even learn more about yourself. In this post, I'm giving you some simple ideas on what to wear to the airport!

- It's better to wear jeans/pants. Since airport is a place that is air-conditioned, try to avoid wearing shorts! Even though your country/ the place that you're going to travel may be hot, but the airport and the airplane are certainly not! You can wear the same jeans/pants for the first day and the last day and thus you're not wasting your jeans.

- You can wear t-shirt. But do remember to bring a jacket! The same reason applied. If your flight is during the midnight, you're probably going to sleep on the airplane. It's going to be freezing cold! Although they do provide a blanket for you, but you will still feel cold! Jacket can definitely help you survive.

- Just wear any shoes you want! Sneakers, boots, sandals are totally acceptable! Since you're going to seat all day, the types of shoes not really matter. You can choose any shoes that can rock your outfits!

- Bring a backpack with you during the flight! I'm sure you're going to need a backpack to put somethings useful inside (e.g. cable for charing your phone during the flight.)

That pretty much sums up what I think an airport outfits should look like! Feel free to comments down below to let me know how you rock the airport look! xo

I was wearing
Top - H&M
Jeans - H&M loves Coachella 
Sneakers - Reebok
Backpack - Adidas

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Marisa Raquel Fonseca said...

Travelling with style and comfy! I agree with you and love the look! xo
Coco and Jeans By Marisa

Maria said...

Looking handsome.

Adrika said...

amazing look :)
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Vanessa Lim said...

Good points! Also, for shoes, I tend to go with ones without laces or just easy to put on. At times, security would tell me to take off my shoes. It's a real pain and I hate holding up the line.

Love, V.

Viktoria said...

So perfect!

Kyris said...

Nice and simple but still versatile for pretty much anywhere. :3

Sandra Kozłowska said...

wow! you look very good!

Jenny said...

Perfect outfit, love the ripped jeans :)

Jenny | Krystel Couture + Giveaway


Wonderful post and really helpful tips!

Betsy Todd said...

You are so handsome, and i love your outfit offers fashion dresses for girls and women.

Lucky Ardininggar said...

always love ur style daniel !

Carla Florendo said...

i completely agree with your points on travelling and the outfit. i like wearing jeans when I travel too!

xo, Carla

Rose Nika said...

I agree with your points and love the look

Life is just Rosie

LBG said...

Cool, chic and effortless! The denim is amazing!


Writing Monique said...

Great airport look! Amazing jeans!

Joyce Pak said...

Love the casual but still stylish outfit! Perfect airport fashion!

Characters & Carry-ons

Alice said...

Yes to ripped and comfortable denim for a flight! If it's a long one I prefer something knit, like leggings or joggers so I can snuggle in my seat haha. Love this look!

xo, alice / T Y P E N U

Dakota Daniels said...

Such a great airport ensemble! I especially love the ripped denim!

Dakota D.
Instagram: @Missdsquared413

Dana Nicola said...

Basically the perfect airport look, you covered everything in this post!


Atsuna Matsui said...

Comfort without sacrificing style!


Rupa said...

Those denims look the best.

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

Sheree Ho said...

Perfect travel style! Comfort meets street style.

xo Sheree
IG: @poshclassymom

Rosa Fairfield said...

Great post, loving your airport look.

chelshea flo said...

So in love with your ripped jeans, effortless but soooo stylish as well <3
Anyway I followed your GFC #80, yay! :)


Call Me Amy said...

Great casual look, comfort is always key and you can't go wrong with a white tshirt!
Amy x

Ellese Launer said...

That is totally the perfect look for the airport. Comfortable yet stylish! Thanks for sharing friend. Xo, Ellese


cintya anggun said...

You look so stunning with that ripped jeans. That outfit is comfortable to used I think. Nice post!

Julia Bluhm said...

Great look for the airport! I always wear something comfortable when flying!
Julia |

Rosanna Briguglio said...

Love your styling, thanks for the tips!
Have a lovely weekend :)
Rosanna x

►Nadush said...

lovely outfit ! you look great !

Rita B said...

Great look for the airport! Awesome tips, thanks for sharing!
Have a great weekend!

Rita |

The Sunday Mode said...

Honestly I wish I was one of those people who look super stylish at the airport but whenever I'm travelling it's usually on long haul flights so I'm all about the comfort! I think bringing a jacket, coat or some kind of a hoodie is so important as well, I find it gets so freezing on airplanes.

Stephanie Sjan Semen said...

Love your jeans <3

Leonienoelle said...

Great Post! I think the Outfit is comfy but also very stylish! Like it!:) Leonie from

Shay Laren said...

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Bolliana said...

I love your style! great blog post, keep up the great work xx

Bollianaxo | Student's Lifestyle Blog

Amy C said...

Comfortable and stylish is always the way to go when traveling!


Ianne Cabangon said...

Ot looks comfy and chic!
xo, Christianne

mado anelka said...
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mado anelka said...

Amazing Look!
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Patrycja Honkisz said...

You look really cool like that and I can bet that this outfit is quite comfortable :)))

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