Friday 6 May 2016

Everyday casual back to school outfit

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May is here. This also means that exam will be arrived soon. Actually I just finished two examinations this week (Three more on the coming weeks). Very busyyyy month and good luck to me! Anyway I'm super excited now. I'll be going on a vacation on June! It's kind of a sudden decision haha. Only a few days tho. I'll be updating Instagram on June more frequently. So stay tuned!

As mentioned before, my recent favourite colour is grey. I decided to create a every casual outfit that students normally wear to school. All the colours in this outfit is grey. With light and dark grey colours, the outfit will not be that boring. It's always a good way to wear the same colour with different colour intensities/textures in the same outfits. This is another tips for people who want to wear in a casual way but still give people good impression.

I was wearing

T-shirt - Lowrysfarm
Jeans - Uniqlo
Backpack - Vans
Shoes - Lacoste

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Unknown said...

Love the outfit! and good luck on your exams :)

cocojeans said...

Good luck! Nice look! xo

Patricia G. said...

I love this grey look!

aniaanaa said...

Great outfit!

Anonymous said...

I really love the grey vibes you got there! x

Do you mind for a followback? Thank you! :)

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Unknown said...

You look amazing!
Nilu Yuleena Thapa
BIG hair LOUD mouth


this grey outfit is nice
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Bash Harry said...

Damn Daniel, back at it again with the monochrome?

Haha, seriously, love the outfit! I love greys. It's casual and cool. Good luck with school <3

xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

Christina Key said...

Beautiful and casual look! :)


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Reagan:: In My Own World said...

Nice look!
Good luck with school! =)


Maray said...

Beautiful look! :)

·Alas de Angel·

Nicole said...

Great look Daniel! You're always killin it!!! Xx

Nikki |

Anonymous said...

Great casual look! Love your photography ☺
Nati xx

Unknown said...

Great outfit!


Tamara -

JJ said...

So many shades of grey! Love the look. Cool!!

Unknown said...

My favorite color is grey too!! Too bad its shows your sweat really easily so I can't wear it as often as I want too :( Love how you edited your photos tho! Really subtle

Passion Blog |

Shaira Manalo said...

Good Luck on your coming exams. May is approaching fast and it's on its second week already. Can't wait for the upcoming vacations too. Cool outfit btw :)

SHAIRA // New Post

What Would V Wear said...

Your style is so rad, Daniel! Love this!
xoxo, Vanessa

Dakota Daniels said...

Love those shoes and that backpack!

Dakota D.

mahryska said...

grey for the win!!
kisses from dubai ❤️

cococook said...

Very handsome, and i love your outfit, and i can buy for my boyfriend


Ileana said...

Great look! Those sneakers are so awesome!


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Christina Lau said...

Loving the grey monochrome! You look awesome!


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Andreia Carvas said...

I'm in the same situation tests. hahah , I need some time to breathe.

Unknown said...

your look is awesome :)