Wednesday 6 April 2016

The white cap and hoodie

I've been SO SO SO tired lately because I didn't sleep well. Insomnia is a big deal to me (I'm sure most people have suffered from it tho lol). Most probably because of stress. I even tried to find a way to fall asleep immediately online (I know it sounds so serious and stupid haha). The depressing moments when you knew you're genuinely tired but still couldn't sleep. Despite lying in bed, you simply couldn't sleep no matter what you tried to do lol. I feel like I am suffering from sleeping disorder. I definitely need to sleep earlier (12:00am maybe) and REALLY sleep from now on (in regular intervals) to make everything back to normal.

My sister just came back from Korea and she bought a cap and hoodie to me. I didn't always wear cap now (I always wear it on summer). They're white in colours which are my favourites haha. This is another outfit for spring. Yes, it's monochrome again. Do you guys like it? Comments down to let me know! x

I was wearing

White caps - Star101 from seoul
White hoodies - TOPTEN10 from seoul
Ripped jeans - ZARA
Shoes - Adidas Originals

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Ivana Jeknic said...

This hoodie is great, love the graffic details xoxo

Alona said...

Love those jeans! x Alona

Suvarna Gold said...

yes adidas !!!! nice style ;)

hugs from germany

Unknown said...

Such a dope outfit. Love that hoodies. Your style is on point! :)

Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

Glamour World said...

Amazing look. Good color combination which make your more beautiful

Makeup and Beauty

Pisa said...

This look is so cool! So fancy and dope!
Have a great week!
XO Pisa

Pisa said...

This look is so cool! So fancy and dope!
Have a great week!
XO Pisa

Vanessa said...

So cool! A hoodie become a basic! Great look.. xo!

Unknown said...

Love the sweater, so cute!! :3
Following your blog.


Unknown said...

Love the hoodie! Casual and cool!

xoxo, Christina

Stray Birds and Lavender

Alice said...

Love this urban look, that hoodie is great! Your sister has a good eye! ;D

xo, alice / T Y P E N U

awhite said...

So cool- love the hoodie!

Le Stylo Rouge

mahryska said...

very cool :)
kisses from the sandpits of dubai ❤️

Tschok Detsorn said...

What a cool hoodie ♥

xx Tschok |

Unknown said...

Black and white is always a hot combo! Love your hoodie and distressed denim!

Ellese said...

I love the casual yet really stylish look going on here! Sorry to hear your haven't been sleeping. I get insomnia too, mainly from stress. Hope you get rest soon! XO, Ellese


Hanna Lei said...

Awesome outfit combo! -Hanna Lei

Latest Post: Outfit: Black Mesh Flare Dress

Christianne said...

This is so cool. Have a great weekend.
Xo, Christianne

Christianne said...

This is so cool. Have a great weekend.
Xo, Christianne

Kiko K said...

Loving this cap and hoodie <3 btw i followed you by GFC, follow me back?

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cielofronteras said...

That's a really awesome hoodie! Great style! =)

- Cielo

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Pisa said...

Cool look! Your sweater looks great!
Have a great day!
XO Pisa ❤

demeler said...

loving this black and white look!

Unknown said...

so cool! i always love adidas original shoes!
nice outfit btw
have a great day!

Roberta Romeo said...

I love particular hoodies and this one is great! *-*
Have a nice day!

Sisters and Glitters said...

Cool outfit Daniel! Great job! Xo, Sophia from

melange boutique said...

Hello friend look so cool, love the fine pics too

Melange-Boutique Blog || Instgram

Chichi said...

This hoodie is super cool!

Karolina Gespucci said...

<3333 such amazing outfit!

love the whole look

Karolina Gespucci

taislany said...

Love the hoodie. Seems so comfy!

Happy Monday! Kisses,

Eye See Euphoria said...

Awesomeness. Thanks for sharing and check us out to learn how to get XTRActive.

Eye See Euphoria |

Konstantina Antoniadou said...

VERY nice look!

Unknown said...

Very cool look, great style.

xx Falasha
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Laura Elizabeth Smith said...

Tell me about it, I struggle with sleeping too and have to confess that I have googled ways to fall asleep. At the end of the day it is just about relaxing and clearing your mind.

juice said...

love these jeans!

The White Ocean

Unknown said...

Love your style, Daniel!

- Raina
The Mama Queen

Anonymous said...

Great monochrome look!

Anonymous said...

This is cool !

Unknown said...

Love this oufit daniel! really nice

Reagan:: In My Own World said...

I LOVE this look! Its got so much detail and you pull it off so well! =)


Unknown said...

Really you were without sleeping?! You LOOK GREAT!!!!! Also that hoodie is the COOLEST! Love it! :D

Unknown said...

Love your style!! x

Tatjana said...

I am sorry to hear you are having sleeping problems Daniel.
Have you tried reading a book of do sports before going to bed?
Cheers to you!

Unknown said...

You look really cool!

Giada Space Beauty said...

Hi dear!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I following you now with GFC and Instagram.. follow me back, please :) Have a nice day!!!

Unknown said...

Luckily I have not suffered from insonios this is really terrible almost give in crazy when I have!
  By the way, I liked a lot the Look.

Kiss, Hellen

Unknown said...

Can't go wrong with black and white - that hoodie is awesome.

Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

Tam Hien Nguyen said...

You gave me inspiration to wear a white cap tomorrow!!


Viviene Kok said...

Your sister does know you well huh! Is it cold in HK now Daniel? I'm heading to GZ for work next month and May last year was horribly hot! :)

Real Life Nerd

Z said...

Looks like a comfy outfit.

Unknown said...

That shirt is very cool! Great outfit. I have alot of trouble with sleeping but mine is actually getting into the bed. Late night is my favorite time. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

All Things Bright and Lovely

Unknown said...

Great look!! Nice blog you have here!

Unknown said...

I so love the hoodie, its so stylish. :) great post :)

Nancy said...

Such a cool outfit!

Jessy von Kleidermädchen said...

You look amazing. Love your jumper.

Jessy xx Kleidermaedchen

Unknown said...

Nice! I like your look :)
Love, Lindsey

Unknown said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. This post is great and I'm in love with hoodie.
I would love to follow each other... Follow me, I'll follow back for sure


Unknown said...

I love this street style on you! And the blog looks great...I love the URL. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for visit my blog... gosh I like your blog, its very creative... btw I've just follow you on GFC, would you mind to follow each other?

Keep the good work.


The Blonde B said...

Love coming across a male blogger every now and then! Cool outfit, love the white sneakers The Blonde B

Anonymous said...

awesome swag man!!
Suits you so well
your sister did an amazing job

taislany said...

That's a great hoodie! Very edgy.

Hope you have a fabulous day Doll! Kisses,
BLOG | Taislany

Zoe said...

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