Thursday 11 February 2016

Still experimenting

I was trying to edit photos in different ways. Photoshop is really amazing! You can try different things at the same time. Therefore, I'm still experimenting. Once again, please comment down below to tell me whether you like it or not!

On the second day, I actually did almost the same activities like the first day! Haha. BTW I really like shooting in China. Because unlike Hong Kong, the streets in China mostly are so wide! It is so comfortable. Nonetheless, the hygiene on the streets are still a big problem. 

I'm not a big fan of cold weather. One of the reasons is that I hate to wear to many clothes. I went to China for three days and actually I wore down jacket all days. This down jacket was bought from Quiksilver long time ago. It is not bad, right? I think blue colour goes with everything. You know I love to wear black, white, grey. The outfits below mostly explain everything. Basically the weather in China in that day was around 10 degree celsius. I even wore a bomber jacket inside.

I was wearing
Down jackets: Quiksilver
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Dr. Martens
Scarfs: Gap
Beanies: H&M 

OOTD with my sister x


pauliina said...

looking great !

SonyMingoss said...

Hola..te acabo de conocer ¿quieres que nos sigamos por gfc? me encantarĂ­a.Te espero.

Xin said...

Cool edits!


Unknown said...

You look great! Winter outfits can be stylish, too.


Unknown said...

Cool edits! I love your style x

Gemma said...

Loved the outfit, cool editing too. Great post. I love the style. Have a great weekend. Gemma x

Unknown said...

I love Dr.Martens!


Unknown said...

Love the outfit and all the editing effects! Great photos!

Stardust said...

such creative editing, I like the aqua boxes :)


Unknown said...

Great post! Have a lovely day ♥

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Viviene Kok said...

Nice try Daniel! Still standing beside the pool and haven't gotten the guts to try out photoshop yet. Whoops. Nice outfit too and hope you had a great time in China x

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