Sunday 2 August 2015


These photos were taken few months ago. I wanna share these photos for ages but I always forget to post it. Here are some of the outfits that I wore last few months. You can see I've three different hairstyle on the photos below. Mostly I prefer the first one because it's so easy to make it! I only spend around one to two minutes and the look will be finished! The first set of photos were taken by my Best Friend Samuel @kkakit. We were exploring some buildings on Tai Hang. My best friends Ching @tsangwaichingg and Angel @eesxxuo helped me for the second sets. It was the waterfront of Taikoo Shing. The last sets were taken on Taikoo Shing. BTW August is finally here and I hope all the bad things will be gone and I can be lucky! I'm going to share more photos in the coming days and please stay tuned!! xxx Daniel

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