Thursday 17 July 2014


Hello! I would like to introduce myself to all of you and please feel free to call me Daniel. This is the first post and my first time to Taipei with my family. It felt so great! BTW i actually posted some of the photos in instagram(@danielpoonvignez) and tagged with #dptotaipei. Well, we went there for 4 days and went to many places such as Tamsui, Jiufen, Ximending, etc. My favorite place was definitely belong to Shifen. We could take many great photos there and even played sky lantern. This was my first time to do this and I really hope my wish could come true! Also, i ate so many food in Taiwan such as Lu Rou Fan and the luckiest things was that i actually didn't gain pounds after my trip! Anyway the thing that disappointed me the most should be Ximending. I didn't really buy anything! We planned to have one day to shop there and I only buy one clothing from 50percent. I actually thought  I could buy more than that in Ximending. About the weather, i think Taipei is just too hot in July. The weather was killing me at that time. I didn't want to walk because it's too hot out there. Therefore, i don't recommend people to be there in summer especially July. It was a nice trip though.





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